PORTSMOUTH, Virginia (September 1, 2010) – An independent taste test of vanilla coffee drink mix consumers across ten major U.S. markets shows a significant majority of participants preferred Hills Bros. Cappuccino French Vanilla over General Foods International Vanilla Bean Latte.

A&G Research, Inc. conducted the taste test in January 2010 in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Orlando, San Diego, and Seattle. The 295 participants in the double-blind taste test were adults who had consumed regular French Vanilla or any vanilla flavored coffee drink mix (café, latte or cappuccino) prepared with hot water during the past 12 months. For the test, A&G Research used each brand’s regular vanilla coffee drink mix purchased at local retailers, prepared the hot beverage according to package instructions and served it to participants.

A&G Research, Inc. reports that the taste test results clearly indicate Hills Bros. Cappuccino French Vanilla is significantly preferred over the General Foods International Vanilla Bean Latte by consumers.

• Among the total participants, 58.3% preferred Hills Bros. French Vanilla Cappuccino versus 38% who preferred General Food International Vanilla Bean Latte. 3.7% of participants expressed no preference.

• Among participants who expressed an opinion, 60.6% preferred Hills Bros. Cappuccino French Vanilla, compared to 39.4% who chose General Food International Vanilla Bean Latte.

Consumers are invited to learn more about the taste test at the Hills Bros. Cappuccino website: www.hillsbros.com/cappuccino.

"The independent taste test results confirm what we have consistently believed about Hills Bros. Cappuccino: It is the most delicious instant flavored coffee drink mix on the market today," said Brian Kubicki, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Massimo Zanetti Beverage. “As we continue to expand our availability in the U.S., we can be confident that we are providing new Hills Bros. Cappuccino consumers with the best-tasting coffee drink mix experience," he said.

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